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US-530855-A: samuels patent, US-538451-A: Wire stretching and splicing tool patent, US-541434-A: Balance patent, US-544072-A: Johann schuler patent, US-571284-A: Machine for reducing and preparing cereals for food patent, US-579144-A: Sole-machine patent, US-57970-A: Improvement in mariners -compass scales patent, US-598013-A: Lubricator patent, US-602806-A: William f patent, US-607393-A: Edward s patent, US-63550-A: Improved appaeatus foe moulding and vulcanizing aetioles of eubbee patent, US-644840-A: Paper-coating machine. patent, US-648063-A: Indicator for bottles. patent, US-649844-A: Hermetically-sealed jar. patent, US-656115-A: Incandescent lamp. patent, US-660289-A: Apparatus for drawing patterns from molds. patent, US-663170-A: Bed-bottom attachment. patent, US-67003-A: Chables w patent, US-671984-A: Cock and valve. patent, US-3848198-A: Microwave transmission line and devices using multiple coplanar conductors patent, US-3861933-A: Asphalt having high adhesion strength and its preparation patent, US-3862231-A: Diphenylpropyl-substituted 1-amino adamantanes patent, US-3871407-A: Heat exchange apparatus patent, US-3901473-A: Apparatus and method for casting composite cast rolls patent, US-4103257-A: Azaquinolone dye lasers patent, US-4170733-A: Monitoring nuclear radiation measuring channels patent, US-4422108-A: Tape recorder patent, US-5005938-A: Optical wavelength convertical apparatus patent, US-5196365-A: Method of making semiconductor memory device having stacked capacitor patent, US-5402451-A: Digital post-detection FM spatial diversity combination circuit patent, US-5404228-A: Misalignment detection apparatus for transmissiometer with underfilled reflector patent, US-5529957-A: Method for blocking contamination and stabilizing chip capacitor during attachment using a tape strip patent, US-5538971-A: Benzoquinoxalines, pharmaceutical compositions containing them and their use in treating schizophrenia patent, US-5621228-A: Heterojunction field effect transistor with non-alloy ohmic contact electrodes patent, US-5728546-A: Fibroblast growth factor 13 patent, US-5736732-A: Induced charge prevention in semiconductor imaging devices patent, US-5844022-A: Additive for synthetic resins and synthetic resin compositions patent, US-5894174-A: Protection circuit and method for an electromagnetic interference suppression system patent, US-5903425-A: Lateral PNP fast turn-off circuit patent, US-6135172-A: Device for sampling and/or injecting inside a plugged sample tube patent, US-6260988-B1: Vehicle exterior lamp patent, US-6282795-B1: Wallpaper scarifying device patent, US-6284822-B1: Polypropylene resin composition, and film and sheet using the same patent, US-6361193-B1: Pull-on bifurcated clip for improved reflector trim retention patent, US-6751479-B1: Radio base station patent, US-3891730-A: Method for making metal powder patent, US-3925727-A: Optical sampling oscilloscope utilizing organ arrays of optical fibers patent, US-3939092-A: Water washable dye penetrant and method for utilizing same patent, US-3943146-A: Sulfur dioxide - imidazole adducts patent, US-4093355-A: Symmetrical internal heater for liquid crystal display patent, US-4122892-A: Devices for heating premises by the use of heat pumps and method therefor patent, US-4165735-A: Solar energy collector and storage device patent, US-4250264-A: Growth limiting media patent, US-4327996-A: Apparatus for controlling the movement of press components patent, US-4380749-A: One-time electrically-activated switch patent, US-4388749-A: U-Bolt pipe clamp assembly patent, US-4418892-A: Aluminum furnace skim recovery system patent, US-4425352-A: Substituted phenoxyacetates of cyclic amines patent, US-4437086-A: Limited look-ahead means patent, US-4471790-A: Tobacco mass treatment method patent, US-4481521-A: Insulated gate field effect transistor provided with a protective device for a gate insulating film patent, US-4688517-A: Processing apparatus patent, US-4718055-A: Wave-division multiplex component for an optical network comprising monomode transmission fibers patent, US-4726665-A: Compact wide-angle zoom lens patent, US-4755834-A: Thermal transfer printer patent, US-4787305-A: Machine for hollowing vegetables and fruits patent, US-4816844-A: Superimposed image forming apparatus patent, US-4929844-A: Apparatus for detecting the presence and size of a document patent, US-5034634-A: Multiple level programmable logic integrated circuit patent, US-5152225-A: Method of making a printing film and printing process using same patent, US-5177383-A: Voice coil motor patent, US-5248710-A: Flip chip encapsulating compositions and semiconductor devices encapsulated therewith patent, US-5365806-A: Mechanical bottle and jar opener patent, US-5579571-A: Surface mount component removal tool patent, US-5591315-A: Solid-component membranes electrochemical reactor components electrochemical reactors use of membranes reactor components and reactor for oxidation reactions patent, US-5598230-A: Anti-glare eye shield patent, US-5783670-A: Monoclonal antibodies specific for HIV and the hybridomas for production thereof patent, US-5853948-A: Positive photoresist compositions and multilayer resist materials using the same patent, US-5927895-A: Cable anchoring apparatus patent, US-6110177-A: Apparatus and method for harvesting bone patent, US-6180650-B1: Heterosubstituted pyridine derivatives as PDE 4 inhibitors patent, US-6436312-B1: Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal shutter patent, US-6589446-B1: Ceramic slurry composition patent, US-6644833-B1: Illuminating novelty cleansing bar patent, US-6683083-B1: Anticancer agents patent, US-3886091-A: Catalysts for oxidative dehydrogenation patent, US-3905021-A: Circuit arrangement for interpreting the content of a register as an instruction patent, US-3968323-A: Clamp with grounding means for holding conductors between parallel support rails patent, US-3969305-A: Method of making an acrylic spinning solution patent, US-4049890-A: Lithium-iodine cells and method for making same patent, US-4077447-A: Tree shear actuator restraint system patent, US-4089884-A: Tris(triorganosilylalkyl) phosphites and method for preparing them patent, US-4131509-A: Pressure relief device for a nuclear reactor containment building patent, US-4144072-A: Thermally developable light-sensitive material patent, US-4153364-A: Exposure and development control apparatus for electrostatic copying machine patent, US-4161913-A: Railway truck frames patent, US-4169280-A: Method for making glass nonfogging patent, US-4183598-A: Contact device for the transmission of electric current between a stationary contact part and a movable contact part patent, US-4208497-A: Manufacture of homopolymers and copolymers of α-monoolefins patent, US-4211173-A: End construction for a railway car patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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